Our Speciality
Spillane Seafoods has always sought to capture what they believe to be the essence of Ireland in the food they make. From the rolling hills of Killarney, County Kerry, Spillane's proudly presents its selection of Smoked Salmon.

The Salmon we use are graded and sorted and only the very best are selected for the smoking process. Our Salmon are filleted by hand, trimmed and pin-boned. The fish are then salted for 8 hours. This process being completed the fish are thoroughly rinsed, placed on trays and transferred to the kiln. The drying process commences - for approximately 3 hours and then the speciality art takes over!

Seasoned oak logs are chipped on-site using only Kerry oak and these chips are slowly burned for 9 hours. It is this seasoned wood that gives Spillane Seafoods Smoked Salmon its unique flavour. Once the smoking process is complete the product is refrigerated and then ready for vacum packing - either sliced or whole as the customer requires. It can then be dispatched almost anywhere in the world.

Smoked Salmon is the ideal corporate gift. We can personalise the gifts by including cards from the companies and sending them on to individual clients.

Some of the key benefits of Spillane Seafoods Smoked Salmon are:
::Stringent quality control checks ensure that only the freshest, choicest salmon are selected for smoking.
:: No additives used, just oak chippings and the freshest salmon in the west.
::Our Smoked Salmon is either sliced or packed whole for your convenience.
::Ideal corporate / personal gift for any occasion.
::Lasts for up to 28 days in a refrigerator.
::Our Salmon is vacuum packed and placed in cartons. Once the vacuum pack is opened the Salmon should be removed from the packaging and stored wrapped in tin foil in a refrigerator.